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The function of the vacuum booster on the brake

Wenling Aoda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2018

The vacuum booster is a brake system in the light and car brake system. The vacuum generated by the vacuum pump or the diesel engine installed when using a gasoline engine works is a certain amount of vacuum. The brake pedal force is proportionally amplified to force the master cylinder piston to generate hydraulic pressure in the master cylinder to cause the wheel brake to generate resistance and control the vehicle to decelerate or brake.

The vacuum booster is a component that uses a vacuum (negative pressure) to increase the force applied to the pedal by the driver.

The vacuum booster is generally located between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder. For ease of installation, a component is usually combined with the master cylinder, and part of the master cylinder penetrates deep into the vacuum booster housing.

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