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the Hydraulic assistance

Wenling Aoda Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2018

The brakes for general vehicles are classified into hydraulic brakes and pneumatic brakes according to the transmission medium. Both the hydraulic boosting mechanism and the pneumatic boosting mechanism can be used as the assisting mechanism of the hydraulic brake. The hydraulic booster brake pressurizes the hydraulic oil output by the hydraulic pump through the hydraulic booster, and the boosted hydraulic fluid passes through the master cylinder to make each wheel wheel cylinder work.

A full-pressure brake uses the air generated by the compressor as a transmission medium, and a full-power brake is a device that applies this idea to a hydraulic brake. That is, the hydraulic oil pressurized by the hydraulic pump is temporarily stored in the oil reservoir, and the hydraulic pressure matching the pedaling effort is transmitted to the wheel cylinders by the control of the control valve during braking. Now, full-power brakes are rare.

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